The Avalon Barrier system is specifically designed for pedestrian control and to maximise pedestrian safety in a range of locations and contexts, including safety from road works, hazards and excavation pits.

Key features

  • Robust blow moulded single piece construction
  • Fully integrated no-clip interlocking system means no additional parts needed
  • Replaceable, non-trip feet
  • Space for signage – for safety, personalisation and logo display
  • Customisable colours
  • UV stable
  • Designed to allow easy and safe stacking

These highly efficient barrier units are suitable for all areas where pedestrian control is required, such as event management, pedestrian restraint and queue control.

Avalon Barrier units

Avalon barriers offer blow moulded single unit construction from high density polythene (HDPE). This creates a robust but light-weight design available in high visibility orange (standard colour) or other customisable colour options.

Each barrier measures 200 cm (length) x 100 cm (height) and weighs 5 kg without feet; 9 kg with standard feet or 11 kg when fitted with anti-trip ClearPath feet.


Avalon barriers are fully compliant with current pedestrian restraint systems code of practice specification BS 7818 and Chapter 8 Streetworks guidelines. The design also accepts additional warning signs and has space for reflectives to the front and back for additional safety and visibility.

Avalon barriers are specifically designed to allow for non-slip, secure stacking when not in use or during transportation.

The Avalon barrier design has been subject of Mira Wind Tunnel Testing. 2m barriers achieve stability against maximum wind speeds of 17 mph (27 km/h) with standard feet and speeds of 20 mph (32 km/h) with ClearFeet.

Versatile and portable

With non-permanent fixing and an innovative interlocking design, Avalon offers a continuous safety barrier which can be easily reconfigured and work progresses. Each unit can also be used in conjunction with link boards to allow maximum versatility in configuration, to include parallelogram and triangular shapes.

The innovative feet design means that this barrier can be erected with stability on uneven as well as even ground. This is achieved with standard feet design supplied with each barrier but is also available, along with reduced trip hazard by purchasing with the addition of ClearPath feet which offer a non-trip design for maximum pedestrian safety.

The fully moulded shape and linking system which can create locked configurations means nothing can fall off, be lost or tampered with to reduce safety in conjoining Avalon barriers. Because they are made from recycled materials, they are 100% recyclable when they finally reach the end of their considerable service-life.

Finally, at SafeSite Facilities our Avalon Barriers are available for hire or purchase and can be delivered to any UK location.

Customer Reviews (2)

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Hard wearing and easy to use
Date Published: 30/05/2019

I was a little unsure which barrier would be beneficial to me, slight novice in this field! Greig in sales was awesome in directing me to these Avalon Barriers. I wanted hard wearing, easy application barriers that I could easily store. We had ours in green and they really stood out. We chose to have the anti-trip barrier foot with the, I really felt my needs were listened to, and that the team cared, rather than just pushing a hard sell. Made the whole process so relaxing, will use Safesite again in the future!

5 / 5 stars
Top notch barrier – very simple to use
Date Published: 03/04/2018

EASY! Great dispatch, good price. Very simple for us to keep / stack when not in use. Received in both orange and blue to match our theme colours. Thanks a million.

4 / 5 stars
Average Rating 4.5 stars - based on 2 reviews

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