With high visibility and unique interlocking design ideally suited for enclosing excavations and hazards as well as for pedestrian control, Firmus Barriers offer a quick and easy solution to hazard control.

Key features

  • High visibility safety colours
  • Interlocking design for easy linking
  • Lightweight for easy transportation
  • Easy stack design
  • Additional signage possible, including personal signage and logos
  • Non-permanent fixing – no drilling or coring necessary
  • Speedy installation, assembly and repositioning
  • Choice of standard and non-slip foot designs
  • Available for hire or purchase
  • Delivery throughout the UK

Firmus barrier units

Each unit measures 2 m (length) x 1 m (height), weight of 12kg.

The one piece, blow moulded construction of Firmus barriers, from high density polyethelene (HDPE), incorporates a universal pin connection for easy linkage. This creates an extensive barrier system which prevents the removal of single barriers, increasing stability and security alike.

Safety features

Safesite Firmus barrier units are fully Chapter 8 compliant when used in accordance with guidelines. The high visibility colour options of this product allow early warning of hazards for both pedestrians and road users, with an additional reflective strip to enhance visibility after dark or in poor weather conditions, with plenty of space for additional warning signs and beacons. Firmus barriers also have a locking system plus an anti-slip feet option, for increasing stability on rough terrain and uneven surfaces.

Versatile and portable

As well as easy interlocking with other Firmus barriers, the universal pin system incorporated into the Firmus barrier design allows them to be fully compatible with other link-pin systems.

Although fully robust, individual Firmus barrier units are lightweight and can be easily stacked and transported in a cost-effective way. They can also be quickly deployed and repositioned to provide a variety of layouts and meet many environmental challenges. The options of standard or non-slip feet make the barriers suitable for use on many types of terrain and ideal for use in:

  • Traffic management
  • Pedestrian and crowd control
  • Pedestrian safety
  • Events and streetworks

Firmus barriers are available to hire or purchase from Safe Site Facilities, with delivery available across the UK. Just call our friendly team to discuss your requirements on 0845 346 0305.

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