What is a Pyramid Barrier?

A Pyramid Barrier is a ‘water-filled’ road traffic separator. When connected together they form a complete barrier between pedestrians and vehicle traffic.

Why choose Pyramid Barriers from SafeSite Facilities?

✔ Similar to Evo Barriers, Pyramid Barriers have the added benefit of being able to turn 90 degrees in order to create a corner, which can provide a safe and secure enclosure when project areas need to be boxed off.

✔ Pyramid Barriers have a universal interlocking design, which means they will fit most other water filled barriers, affording you maximum usage on site.

✔ Offering high-visibility in the standard red and white colourway, Pyramid Barriers also be produced in corporate colours, on request.

How to use Pyramid Barriers

Due to them being easy to move and position (they weigh 5kg when empty), Pyramid Barriers can be deployed in a number of different scenarios. Typically they may be used on construction sites to restrict pedestrian and vehicular access or to create roadblocks or diversions.

When filled to the waterline Pyramid Barriers will reach 55kg becoming self-supporting and making it difficult for anyone to move or tamper with them.

Pyramid Barriers can be stacked on top of each other, for easy transportation and to reduce storage space.

Pyramid Barrier dimensions/specifications

Length: 1000 mm
Height: 560 mm
Width: 400 mm
Weight Empty: 5 kg
Weight Full: 55 kg
Per Pallet: 18


Additional features and benefits

✔ The Pyramid Barriers can also incorporate a metal handrail mesh fencing system to provide further pedestrian safety.

✔ The additional height provided by the mesh fencing helps prevent pedestrians tripping over the Pyramid Barriers whilst the metal handrail offers stability to those walking or standing in queues.

✔ The mesh fencing can quickly and easily be fixed to the Pyramid Barriers without the need for additional screws or brackets.

Pyramid Barrier Mesh Fencing dimensions

Size: 960mm (W) x 38mm (D) x 550mm (H)

Weight: 4kg


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