Quotes for event and festival site clearance are calculated by:

  • Per person in attendance, per day
  • Per metric tonne of waste that needs to be cleared
  • The type of waste being cleared

Event management can be a difficult task to handle, especially after the event or festival is over and you are left to deal with a massive mess left behind by the crowd of people. The professional and experienced clean-up team of SafeSite Facilities can help you with this difficult aspect of event management, handling event site clearance on their own and restoring the area to its original condition. We take pride in our well-presented, highly trained and professional team that can handle waste disposal extremely responsibly.

Our standby teams are ready to respond to your call in emergency situations at the shortest possible time. For SafeSite Facilities, no job is too big or too small. We specialise in clearing all types of waste from an event site, be it food leftovers or broken glass pieces from bottles. Our team is well-equipped with the necessary tools and clothing to ensure safety and sanitisation.

We can also assure you that the waste collected from every site by our team is disposed of in a responsible and ethical manner to ensure that no harm is done to the environment. Our team can reach your event site within a short time all across the UK. If you are unable to handle the waste chaos at your event site and need Event Site Clearance services, simply fill out our form and our representative will call you shortly.

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