The solid and strong steel event hoarding panels available at SafeSite Facilities can be the ideal choice for event managers who need to create a dependable visual barrier between the outer world and their event. The freestanding Event Hoarding we offer can be installed anywhere without digging the ground, which means that you will not have to do any remedial work at the site to cover up the digging after these hoardings are removed. They are extremely solid and dependable steel panels the can be attached to weighted or adjustable feet, allowing them stand strong even against a massive crowd.

Our event hoardings are easily compatible with all other temporary fencing products that you would need for the additional security of your event. These hoardings are high enough to ensure that no one can easily jump over them or look past them. They can be installed with a minimal effort while allowing you compatibility to incorporate pedestrian and vehicle gates in between these panels. Moreover, their highly polished surface keeps them from looking like an eyesore on your event site.

Ideal for the security and safety of any event, our event hoardings can be delivered and installed then later dismantled and collected by our team of professionals nationwide. You can either purchase or hire our hoardings depending on your needs. We also promise our customers a short response time in case they have emergencies. If you need to make your event secure and safe, fill out our form and our representative will get in touch with you shortly for more details about our event hoardings.

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