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Barriers prove the winning post at Summer horse racing

The thunder of hooves and the excited buzz of the punter provides a soundtrack synonymous with the British sporting summer.

The South East is a hotbed of horse racing with some of the country’s most famous courses on our doorstep Epsom, Brighton, Plumpton, Hickstead, Goodwood,  and Fontwell to name but five.

The epicentre of equine par excellence, thousands of people are set to descend on the South Downs to take in the sights and sounds of one of the nation’s favourite – and most money spinning – pastimes.

But, with the stakes high in more ways than one, there are of course many logistical and organisational challenges to overcome in ensuring race days run smoothly. Our consistency of delivery as well as site specific knowledge and customer service are vital elements in our team’s culture.

As well as a vast influx of racing fans; road closures and the threat of unwanted vehicular access can make for a difficult balancing act. We work with the police and local authorities to ensure maximum security and comfort for spectators during race events.

Horsing around in the wrong lane

SafeSite’s products provide a safe and reassuring presence at events the length and breadth of Britain.

We operate at many racecourses across the country and deliver our services at over 549 days racing throughout each year. SafeSite Facilities has a long history and detailed knowledge of what it takes to deliver consistently at these historic venues. We also help to ensure racegoers get the very best experience.

Race goers tend to be passionate about horse racing and while some will regularly attend a single venue, many will travel the country to follow their sport. Our consistency of delivery as well as site specific knowledge and customer service vital elements in our team’s culture.

To manage pedestrian traffic, SafeSite Facilities offers retractable belt barriers and pedestrian barriers.

Keeping the people safe

Retractable belt barriers are flexible and easy to modify, making them ideal for managing queues and directing spectators to various areas. They can be deployed quickly and moved easily meaning they suit the changing needs of a particular space.

Their simplicity allows for quick adjustments, ensuring smooth crowd movement even in dynamic scenarios. Physical pedestrian barriers provide a more solid demarcation, guiding attendees and preventing accidental entry into restricted areas.

Manufactured from coated steel, the poles stand at just over 1m tall. They offer a visible and physical deterrent from moving into unauthorised areas. These are easily assembled and can be neatly stowed away when not in use.

Our crowd barrier systems are designed to control the flow of pedestrians, whilst our concrete barriers are built to withstand impact from most heavy duty vehicles. Each unit is cast from high strength, reinforced concrete – making a wall of barriers virtually impenetrable.

Safe stables

Prized racehorses are multi million pound assets for trainers. With such riches comes potential rewards for criminals looking to cash in.  While any stable yard is potentially at risk from thieves, premises broken into previously are likely to be targeted again.

This could be because the thief is already familiar with the owner’s movements, the security measures in place, and the layout of the site.

Consider installing CCTV and additional security systems where your stables and stud farms can be monitored remotely 24 hours a day.

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