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Palisade Fencing in Lancaster

The Brief:

Our client bought a hydro farm in Lancaster to generate alternative fuels. In line with government decarbonisation plan to meet net zero target by 2050, our client has taken upon a project to contribute to lowering emissions and help the environment. 

SafeSite Facilities team were contacted for a quote to secure the boundaries of the site.   


The Solution:

In total we installed 115 mtr, 1.8 mtr high palisade fencing with 5 mtr palisade gates and 2 mtr pedestrian gates to secure the boundary of the compound of the hydro plant. In addition to it 30 mtr of the boundary is wood paled. The project was completed in 4 days and we spent 1 day setting up the perimeter.  

palisade fencing in Lancaster
high security fencing in Lancaster

The Outcome:

We offered and installed a secure solution for the client and they were satisfied with the outcome and how smart it looked. Projects of such scale require an appropriate and often expensive equipment to produce carbon neutral fuel from renewable energy sources. Therefore the fencing installed is permanent and it ensures safety to both public and livestock. It also prevents from a potential intrusion and gives security for the client on their journey towards more sustainable future. 

high security fencing on a hydro farm
palisade fencing in Lancaster on a hydro farm

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