This strong and durable product is fully compatible with Acrow props and increases the versatility and user options for utilising the props to support damaged brickwork, lintels and beams, replacing wall ties, installing R.S.Js and lintels, as well as to support safe masonry removal.

Key features:

  • Heavy load bearing support of up to 340 kg per bracket
  • Highest quality steel
  • Fully compatible with Acrow props
  • Temporary, fully removable support
  • Perfect for breaking out double or single skin walls
  • Nationwide delivery
  • For purchase or hire

Bracket features:

Strongboy wall support brackets are manufactured from the highest quality steel which is fully zinc plated to offer a robust and low maintenance product.

  • Maximum working height:  3m from a firm base.
  • Bracket weight:  7kg.
  • Load capacity:  up to 340kg per bracket.
  • Maximum recommended distance between props:  900mm (3’) although this will depend on the specifications of the load.

Versatile and portable

Brackets can be installed from either side of a brick cavity wall, whilst its 7 kg weight allows portability and strength.

Easy installation and use

The installation of Strongboy support brackets into masonry walls involves an easy three step process:

  • Identify the appropriate height for the Strongboy and drill into the raked bed joint of a masonry wall, removing enough mortar to fit the strong boy bracket.
  • Hammer the strong boy into the gap and tighten using the screw handle.
  • Attach an Acrow prop to the strong boy.

Safety and use

When installing and using Strongboy wall support brackets, the following items of equipment are recommended:

  • Construction safety helmet
  • Eye protection
  • Safety footwear

Strongboy wall support brackets are ideally suited to load bearing for masonry walls but, as with all construction work, due care is needed to ensure safe use and application as circumstances and specifications will vary. If in doubt about how to use Strongboy brackets safely or to confirm quantities required for load capacity, consult with your structural engineer. Available for sale or hire from SafeSite Facilities, with nationwide UK delivery – just ask us for a quote.

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