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Where to Use Turtlegate Barriers

Public safety is important and there are times when quickly deploying solutions for public safety issues can be essential.  Turtlegate barriers, the practical and highly portable barrier provides many solutions for crowd management, controlling pedestrian and street traffic and can be used indoors and outdoors across a range of situations and purposes.

Turtle Gate Barrier In Use

Hold the elevator!

The easy width expansion and control of Turtlegates means they have created their own niche when it comes to lift repair. Whether elevators are single width or wider, one or more Turtlegates can quickly provide a clearly visible and physical deterrent to accessing areas under repair.

Controlling crowds, allowing foot-fall to flow

In busy public areas, safety is always a major concern. Add to this any form of transportation – including trains, metros, buses and trams – and the potential for accidents increases. Turtlegates offer an easy solution for quickly-deployed crowd control and delineation for foot-fall, particularly when an accident, breakdowns or diversion means that crowds need assistance to be kept safe:

  • Different gate heights mean that visibility can be improved or impeded, depending on the nature of the control needed, ie: shorter gates are ideal for limiting access to areas whilst facilitating high-visibility, such as at ticket turnstiles; alternatively, tall gates can help prevent distraction in the event that the barrier needs to provide an element of screening, for example after an accident.
  • Light-weight portability and single person deployment mean that runs or single barriers can quickly be locked into place when needed in an emergency response. Long barrier runs can be secured by teams of two people, in just minutes.
  • Locking into place is ideal as a temporary measure, allowing barrier runs to be repositioned easily as phases of work progress.
  • Turtlegate barriers can also be locked into place for longer-term use, such as where damage has occurred to a platform or track, but unlocked for access by surveyors or inspectors.
  • The easy portability and versatility of being able to use Turtlegates outdoors as well as indoors means that they are often used in more remote stations, tracksides, and level crossings.
  • Turtlegates can also be used to take public safety to the next level for airport security, for limiting access securely, rather than relying on tape to designate or set off-limits areas.

Turtle Gate Barrier Extended

Public access

The fact that Turtlegates are such a mobile system means that they can be quickly installed in any space to facilitate public access or events – whether planned, adhoc, last-minute or emergency-based.

As such, Turtlegates can be used to create no-access zones whilst setting up the event, by providing a robust yet versatile system which can then be removed or redeployed into ticketing areas or controlled access, once the event starts. In this way, Turtlegates are particularly useful for galleries, museums and cultural arts venues, where installations, exhibitions and displays may change, allowing staff to work behind the scenes.

All the locking aspects of Turtlegates come into play for public crowd control in public areas:

  • Interlocking system to provide complete perimeter runs or secured areas within the whole boundary, as required.
  • Wheel locking to allow secure fixing in place.
  • Alligator locking system for anti-tamper security.

Find out more about the versatility and convenience of Turtlegate barriers when used to manage public access in a London shopping centre.

Blocking off roads and vehicle access

As well as providing barrier protection and foot-fall guidance for pedestrians, Turtlegate barriers also offer a quickly deployed solution for street traffic access control. Barrier runs can be rapidly installed to create cordons and diversions, both as temporary fixtures and more permanent solutions.

Turtle Gate Barrier Folded Angle

Restricting access to construction sites and other places of work

Blocking off an access point can be easily achieved and the availability of taller (1.8 m height) barriers means that gaining access by climbing over is extremely difficult.

The fact that complete runs can be secured also means that Turtlegates can provide secure areas for keeping work-related vehicles, plant and industrial equipment out-of-hours, to minimise the risk of on-site vehicle theft and risk to public safety. The barriers are also quick, convenient and easy to remove and store during working hours, when the vehicles or equipment are in use.

Turtlegate barriers are also easy to deploy indoors or out to designate work areas that staff need to be aware of, for example areas where machinery such as forklifts are in operation. The barriers can be used equally effectively for such purposes across any type of site / situation: outside areas, such as a construction sites, sportsgrounds, playgrounds; or indoors, for instance warehouses, cultural venues, indoor arenas.

For places of work where the look of the barrier is important, such as hotels, events and conference venues, the multiple standard colours, custom-colour and signage options of the barriers means that barrier runs can be created which contribute to the fun feel of the event, rather than intruding with that industrial look commonly associated with pedestrian barriers.

Pools, spas and water features

Particularly after-hours, when there’s limited security on-site and a risk of public safety from a body of water, Turtlegates can provide an ingenious solution:

  • The choice of heights, and ability to expand or contract individual barriers means it’s possible to completely close off a limited area or access point.
  • Accordion-expansion and interlocking facility means that longer barrier runs can be created to protect a wider area.
  • Rubber wheels mean no scratch damage or rust spotting to tiled pool area surfaces.
  • The design which makes it easy to retract, remove and store the system means that barrier runs are easy to deploy / remove in line with opening hours.

Whatever the set up of your business, investment in Turtlegates can be a cost-effective way of always having a robust, portable barrier system to hand across a range of specific projects, or to create cordoned areas for repair, refurbishment, cleaning, security and safety.

Turtlegate Barriers are available for hire or purchase, with delivery across the UK – just contact us to find out more.

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