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New Housing Development Site CCTV – Manchester

The Brief:

We were approached by a private, family-based construction company, in the process of building a small housing development in Manchester. In the first month the construction site had been active, it had been a target for trespassing resulting in multiple thefts of fuel from machinery.

The Solution:

We carried out a site survey the same day that first contact by the client was made. 48 hours later we completed the installation of a CCTV system with a tannoy to monitor the site and the equipment and machinery being stored there around the clock, to deter further intrusion. The security system included a network video recorder, held in a secure lockbox, capable of capturing and storing 4TB of footage.

Static CCTV camera on construction cabin

The Outcome:

The CCTV system was linked to an alarm receiving centre (ARC), which alerts our teams to even the slightest movement. We were able to capture clear footage of a trespasser attempting to steal diesel from a machine on-site. Police were called immediately and, at the same time, a warning announcement was communicated over the tannoy system, warding off the thief. Police attended the site within 11 minutes of receiving the alert. The client said they were “impressed with the speed and quality of the installation.”

Construction site CCTV intruder

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