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Construction Site CCTV System – Cricklewood, London

The Brief:

Our client was the contractor for a large construction site in Cricklewood, awaiting works due to a shared party wall. While access was being granted, the site needed to be monitored to keep it secure during downtime and for protection once work was able to begin.

Building Site Access Gate CCTV

The Solution:

We installed a 10-camera surveillance system, with the option to add further CCTV cameras as work on site progressed. The system included a network video recorder, held in a secure lockbox, capable of capturing 8TB of footage, which would provide vital evidence in the event of an intrusion. A tannoy allowed warning messages to be broadcast over the security system to warn intruders that they had been spotted and the police informed. Round the clock monitoring was provided by our alarm receiving centre providing the client with peace of mind that the site was under close surveillance 24/7.

The Outcome:

The system was set up within 72 hours days and in use by the third day. Two days after the installation had been completed the surveillance system alerted our monitoring team to a trespasser on site, who was swiftly dealt with. The client has already commented on the high clarity of the CCTV images they are able to view and is very happy with the system.

Construction Site CCTV day
Construction Site CCTV night vision

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