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Uses and properties of temporary fencing

Temporary fencing, known as Heras, is the most used fencing system for construction sites. Portable and easy to install, the fencing is used in various outdoor settings, such as construction sites, events, festivals, and other temporary applications where crowd control, security, or boundary delineation is needed.

The fencing consists of individual panels made of lightweight materials, often galvanised steel, which is connected using couplers or clamps. Made from industry-leading Smartweld technology, these panels are typically around six to eight feet high and are designed to be easily assembled, transported, and installed. Heras fencing is designed to be reusable, making it an environmentally friendly choice. After its initial use, the fencing can be stored and used again for future projects or events.

What is Heras fencing?

Heras fencing is often put together with bases and feet and just ‘sits’ on the ground, causing minimal disturbance and damage. This ensures not only is it cheaper than a more permanent installation, but it is also more practical as no excavation or digging is needed.

Vi vis fence feet and mesh fence

The name “Heras” is a brand name that has become synonymous with this type of temporary fencing, like how “Kleenex” is often used to refer to facial tissues.

Heras fencing can be used for several different reasons, including:

– Security: To prevent unauthorized access to construction sites or restricted areas

– Safety: A physical barrier to keep people away from hazardous areas.

– Crowd Control: Heras fencing is commonly used at events and festivals, to manage the flow of spectators and prevent overcrowding.

– Boundary demarcation: To mark out a temporary boundary such as during roadworks or property development.

– Privacy: Privacy screens or banners can be attached to the fencing to obscure the external view

– Advertising: Businesses or even organizers often use the fence panels as advertising space for banners and signs.

Heras fencing is available to hire or buy with a variety of different accessories including anti-climb mesh panels, blue lock digi gates, pedestrian gates, rota and ballast blocks, and vehicle access gates.

Vehicle Access Gates

Heras Fencing is also compatible with vehicle access gates. These attach to the fencing panels to create a line, excellent for demarcation and delineation. Gates are available in both 2m and 2.4m panels with a twin double leaf gate and sliding bolt for an additional layer of security. All gates are made from galvanised steel, and you can hire or buy either solid or anti-mesh panels.

Pedestrian Gates

SafeSite’s 1m pedestrian gates allow pedestrians easy access to a site via the safety of a fence line. Again, available in either mesh or solid steel with the option of a sliding bolt. As with all temporary fencing, the product is the epitome of convenience, with its ease of storage, deployment, and transportation. The pedestrian gates are compatible with every type of temporary fencing.

Wind testing 

The anti-climb fence panel is subjected to rigorous wind testing requirements. With a stabiliser and loaded block tray attached, temporary fences can withstand speeds up to 59mph (Class A).

You will need several different accessories to install your temporary fence panels.

– Coupler

– Spanner

– Hi-Vis Thermo Plastic feet

– Anti-lift bracket

– Fence stabilizer

It’s important to note that while Heras fencing gives you all this and more, it might not be the best option for everything. Factors such as specific project requirements, duration, ground conditions, and the level of security needed should all be considered. All our fences adhere to European HSE HSG-151 regulations.

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