If you are seeking a cost-effective solution for preventing vehicular access at your business premises, home property or outdoor event, you will find our concrete barriers ideal.

Our 2.5 metre concrete barriers weigh in at nearly two and half tonnes each, meaning they are virtually immovable without the use of specialised lifting equipment which would-be trespassers could not easily acquire, or discreetly use. These mid-sized concrete barriers are particularly suited to blocking fenced entrances which could otherwise be rammed for access, though other potential applications are vast. Depending on the security needs of your site, you may find our 1.5m or 3m concrete barriers more suitable. Whichever you choose we can personalise your barriers with your company colours or logo for a small additional fee, if preferred.

Unsure about your site’s security needs? Call the friendly SafeSite Facilities team today for no obligation advice and a free quote.

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