When you need to provide a secure perimeter at short notice with no digging necessary, choose SafeSite Stronghoard. Whether you’re waiting to construct a long-term solution or you’re just after the sturdiest short-term solution, this temporary steel hoarding forms a solid wall with no gaps and features triangular bracing to ensure forceful entry attempts will be unsuccessful.

Temporary, freestanding hoarding needn’t be a security liability: if your objective is to secure a site from view and to provide no footholds or other exploitable weaknesses, this system is your safest option. The design retains many of the benefits of more conventional temporary hoarding and fencing options, being relatively easy to store and transport, with straightforward installation and no inherent risk of permanent damage to the property you’re attempting to protect.

SafeSite Facilities are experts in all aspects of site security, and can deliver Stronghoard and other types of fencing throughout the UK. Our skilled team can additionally install your product and arrange for its removal, if you choose to hire rather than purchase. Enter your details in the callback form below for more information, including a no-obligation quote and advice on compatible gates and other products.

Want a lightweight, cost-effective alternative? Try our temporary steel hoarding.

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