Heavy duty, easy to handle access! Our SafeMat system is a stand out market leading product for temporary access and ground protection, the SafeMat product is ideal for usage over soft or sensitive ground.

The mats are all manufactured from 100% recycled high density polyethylene (HDPE) and are weight tested to a maximum load of 120 tonnes* (*Depending on ground conditions).

The SafeMat is essential for scenarios such as construction, civil engineering and groundwork industries to provide access for heavy plant machinery, whilst also providing the perfect solution for events such as concerts and festivals to ensure pedestrian and crowd safety.

The SafeMat has strategically positioned hand holes which make it extremely easy to off-load from trucks or pallets, and is ideal for both short and long term projects.

Their lightweight but heavy duty nature, also reduces transport costs, as well as enabling quick and easy installation by two operatives.


Technical Details

  • SafeMats have a highly engineered, ‘non-slip’ surface, this substantially improves the grip and reduces side way slippage, even in the most challenging weather or ground conditions.
  • SafeMats can be connected together using our simple yet effective Metal Hand Connector system.
  • SafeMats can be customized with either a company logo and telephone number or even produced in corporate colours – subject to minimum order quantity.



Length Width Depth Weight
2433 mm 1217 mm 14 mm 39 kg

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