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The 7 Best Security Cameras in the UK

Want to know the best security camera or CCTV system for your home or business? Take a look at our favourite 7 security cameras available in the UK at the moment, which we’ve included in the list below. Here, you’ll find information about the brand, the camera’s features, cost and quality.

Swann DVR4-2600Swann DVR-4 2600 CCTV System


This Swann system is affordable, incredibly easy to set up, and its DVR means there is no need to run a computer 24 hours a day to keep an eye on your priority. However, the actual quality of video recorded is much lower than others included in the list, at only 480p.


This kit includes four night-vision cameras and a network-capable DVR. To complete the system, you just need to add in a TV or monitor with a simple analogue display. The cameras are weatherproof and wall-mountable, so are suitable for use both indoors and out.


The relatively low price of this system is its biggest selling point. You may not get the greatest video quality, but if you need something set up quickly and cheaply, then this Swann system could be for you.



Smart Monitoring by AlertMe


Quality: 7/10

This security system’s biggest selling point is its remote control and integrated approach. Smart Monitoring can be used with AlertMe’s other products, particularly Smart Energy.

Features: 8/10

The full Smart Monitoring system can incorporate applications such as security sensors for motion, safety detectors for smoke, carbon monoxide, gas and flood, as well as security cameras, keypads, keyfobs and locks. The various applications are controlled via a broadband-enabled hub, which provides real-time monitoring from wherever you are. Alerts can also be sent by email, text and phone


To run the AlertMe system, you will need to purchase the system for a not- unreasonable one off fee, and then pay a monthly subscription fee too. Some mobile alerts cost extra as well.

Total score: 7/10


Panasonic i-Pro SmartHD WV-SP509

Quality: 9/10

In January 2012, this security camera from Panasonic was voted best overall HD MP surveillance camera after a series of indoor and outdoor tests. This camera is easy to use, captures clear images and reproduces them accurately.

Features: 9/10

The WV-SP509 camera offers 1080p Full HD images up to 30fps, high sensitivity colour reproduction, smartphone and tablet monitoring, advanced face detection, fog and smoke reduction, LDC and more.


pound symbol small 3

As you would expect, this camera and its accessories do not come cheap, and you will find them at the more expensive end of the security camera price scale.

Total score: 8/10


Lorex LW2702 Wireless 2 Camera CCTV Security System


This award-winning camera system is from well-known American security brand, Lorex, so you can expect high quality. This system is easy to set up, is wireless and boasts excellent video and audio quality.


This system comes with two wireless cameras suitable for outdoor use, either around the home or around a small business property. Also included is a 7-inch LCD receiver, and an 2GB SD card for storing any captured footage. As well as this, the system can be expanded to include four cameras.


Although you’re still looking at spending somewhere in the region of £400, this system is reasonable considering the LCD screen is included in the pack.



Logitech Alert 750e Outdoor Master System


Quality: 8/10

This security camera system from Logitech provides wireless night-vision video security that’s weatherproof, easy to set up and reliable, and captures video footage in 720p HD.

Features: 9/10

This complete video system includes a weatherproof camera with wide-angle night vision, computer software and remote viewing account, plus a built in microphone and specifiable motion zones. The Logitech Alert system is also available specifically for indoor use, as a separate package.


Although this Logitech system is not cheap, it’s easy to set up and use on your own, and there is no need to pay a monthly subscription fee.

Total score: 9/10


D-Link Securicam Day & Night HD Megapixel Outdoor Network Camera

Quality: 8/10

This camera provides highly dependable 24-hour surveillance and is perfect for business or commercial properties. Designed for use outdoor, the camera is weather and tamper-proof.

Features: 9/10

The fixed camera captures high quality colour video in daylight and greyscale at night. Other features include 1280 x 800HD resolution, 16 digital zoom, 5mm focal length and simultaneous streaming. The camera also features tamper detection and is Onvif compliant.


This model is fairly expensive for a standalone security camera without a recording network or start-up kit included in the price. However, if you’re serious about security, then the extra capabilities of this camera should be considered.

Total score: 9/10

Sony SNC-CH180

Quality: 9/10

Sony is a brand synonymous with high quality electrical products, and this security camera is no exception to the rule. This HD fixed camera captures clear pictures without any visible light at all, thanks to its infra-red IR illuminator.

Features: 9/10

As well as its infra-red capabilities this camera is weather- and tamper-proof, and comes with a full PrimeSupport package, alarms and alerts triggered by user-created rules, a built in heater for cold weather and


This security camera is certainly the most expensive included in our list. If you need extremely high quality footage even at night time, the Sony SNC-CH180 is more than up to the test. This camera is particularly high-end, and unless you need an extremely high quality surveillance system, some of the others mentioned in this article may do the job you need for a smaller price.

Total score: 9/10


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