The Brief:

Our client was undertaking redevelopment work on a doctor’s surgery and required perimeter hoarding to secure the site and obscure viewing, whilst works are carried out. The client provided SafeSite Facilities with a site drawing so we could see the areas that needed hoarding and plan accordingly.


The Solution:

SafeSite Facilities provided a full 38 metres of 2.4-metre-high ply timber hoarding around the perimeter in line with the site drawing. We provided tops and bottom skirting and cover strips, finishing off in painting the hoarding panels a nice clinical fresh white as to the client’s specification.

White construction hoardingPainting site hoarding

We were given a specific start time in order to meet the clients work expectations and we completed within the time set which was, 72 hours. The surgery was active with patients coming and going all day.  The hoarding was adjacent to a live busy footpath where pedestrian safety was a priority.

Construction site timber hoarding - white

The Outcome:

The redevelopment work is ongoing however, the client was extremely pleased in the way SafeSite Facilities met with the timings and logistics of the specification. Once the works have been carried out – SafeSite Facilities will arrange a time and date to remove the hoarding.


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