What is a scaffold alarm?

A scaffold alarm helps to protect buildings where scaffolding is in use from intrusion, and acts as a deterrent. Scaffolding can provide an easy route into a property – especially if it does not have an alarm fitted and, in some case, insurance policies pay not pay out if scaffolding is erected around a property that does not have an alarm installed.


Why choose a scaffold alarm from SafeSite Facilities?

✓ Our scaffold alarms are built to the highest standard, using the latest technology such as infrared beam sensors, and visual verification, making it difficult for intruders to escape detection and helping to reduce the number of call outs to false alarms.

✓ Choice of scaffold alarm features including siren and strobe lighting, built-in cameras and video capture and storage.

✓ Wide-area coverage provided as standard.

✓ Wireless monitoring available 24/7 through our rapid response team

✓ Weekly log reports accessible to view.

✓ Our security systems can be expanded at any time, with the option of adding further hardware such as an external keypad or additional sensors as your scaffolding configuration changes.

✓ All of our alarms are installed and maintained to industry standards


If you are due to have scaffolding erected at your premises and would like to discuss how best to protect your property, contact our team of security professionals for expert advice and a free quotation.