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Blocking Loading Bay with RB22 Barriers – London

The Brief:

Our client needed to have a loading bay blocked off next to a busy main road in London Marylebone. The loading bay was outside a popular museum, meaning foot traffic would also be particularly heavy. The client needed a safe area to be cordoned off so works on the roof of the museum could take place, preventing parking by road users and contractors needing to unload.


The Solution:

The team deployed highly visible water filled RB22 water filled barriers in standard red and white, which can be seen clearly by both pedestrian and road users. When installed the barriers can withstand impacts from vehicles travelling up to 50mph, ideal in a London road where traffic is mainly moving at 30mph. We installed our vehicle gates that connect with the RB22 barriers, to allow operatives carrying out the works, an access point.

RB22 barriers blocking loading bay
RB22 barriers used as blockade


The Outcome:

The original install date was moved by client, which possessed no disruption to Safe Site; we were happy to oblige and able to deliver at the amended date and time with no issues. We booked a water supplier to fill the barriers once in position. We completed installation in just over half a day.


RB22 water filled barriers in London


Customer comments:

The customer was happy and satisfied with the solution


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