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RB22 + Mesh Extensions for Building Works Project – Bristol

The Brief:

In Bristol, a client of ours was in the process of a building works project on a busy side street. The client had a skip delivered and needed to keep it in a compound safely away from road users and pedestrians. The client needed something both sturdy yet tall enough to be able to hide the skip at risk of attracting attention from possible vandals.


The Solution:

SafeSite Facilities were to deploy and install RB22 Water-Filled Barriers that weigh 600kg when full. This ensured the skip and area inside the barriers where workers would be, were safe from possible errant cars; while also keeping a safe divide between the road, the works and pedestrians.  To ensure the site wasn’t visible by members of the public, and make sure the site wasn’t accessible by possible trespassers; we also installed our Mesh Extension Panels at 0.5M high.

RB22 Barriers with Mesh Extensions

We also installed for the contractor’s ease of access; a vehicle gate and pedestrian gate – one at each end. These were locked and authorised persons had access to allow deliveries to site and workers to the project behind the hoarding line.


The Outcome:

We completed our delivery and install within the special time frame provided. Due to time restrictions in place for the area we had an install team and delivery team arrive at 07:00 then again at 09:00 after the time restriction. We sourced a local water company to fill the barriers. Successful installation as requested and detailed by the customer, completed in one day.


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